About The CPC

Formed in 1974 and made up entirely of current BPS parent volunteers, the Citywide Parent Council (CPC) is the umbrella organization of the 125 School Parent Councils in Boston Public Schools (BPS), and is the officially recognized voice of all BPS parents.

The CPC advocates for the interests of all of our 57,000 students in BPS, and the 38,000 families to whom they belong throughout our large and diverse district, aids parents in creating more engaged parent communities within and across BPS schools, and helps parents with fundraising.

CPC representatives sit on the School Site Council (SSC) Joint Steering Committee which oversees SSCs, the Citizens Nominating Panel for the Boston School Committee, the Joint Steering Committee for the Extra Learning Time initiative. Most recently, it represented all BPS parents on public panels which interviewed Superintendent candidates in 2015, and one of our four chairs was asked to be part of Superintendent Chang’s transition team.

We’ve collaborated with other parent groups and BPS, including by co-sponsored a budget workshop with QUEST, and co-sponsored a conference on SSCs and SPCs with the BPS Office of Engagement.

Drawing from schools from every part of Boston who elect their own SPC parent representative to the CPC, the CPC meets typically every last Tuesday of the month in the Bolling Building, and seeks to be a critical friend of the BPS, the Boston School Committee, and members of the City and State governments.

BPS parents – want to know who your school’s CPC rep is? Contact us at citywideparentcouncil@gmail.com.

CPC Structure

The Citywide Parent Council (CPC) consists of the elected CPC representatives of each of our 125 schools.

Board of Directors
The CPC has a 38 member Board of Directors made up of CPC representatives, and elected by all CPC representatives. In addition, a further 38 CPC representatives are also elected by all CPC representatives to serve as 38 alternate Directors.

Out of that Board of Directors, several executive positions exist to help organize the work of the CPC. They include 4 Co-Chairs (chosen by ethnicity), Secretaries, Treasurers, and Moderators.

Co-Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers, Moderators
We have four parent co-chairs, each under our bylaws representing a particular racial or ethnic heritage.

The 2015 Co-Chairs are listed alphabetically as follows:



  • Margaret Wood (BLS)
  • Mary Battenfeld (BLA)


  • Christine Lindstrom (West Zone ELC)
  • Netta Brownell (Guild) – alternate


  • Sapna Padte (Lyndon)
  • Shannon Parker (Roosevelt K8) – alternate

CPC Reps on Joint BPS-Related Committees

In addition, the CPC has several other bodies it provides members, representing the voice of all BPS parents. They are as follows:

Citizens’ Nominating Panel for the Boston School Committee
Boston has a 13 member Citizens’ Nominating Panel which nominates candidates for the Boston School Committee for the Mayor. The CPC has one member of this panel

  • Dina Cundiff (Trotter)
  • Alternate member – Naeemah Kennedy (Mason)

5 CPC members on the SSC Joint Steering Committee
This body is the oversight committee for all School Site Councils (SSCs) of the Boston Public Schools. It is a 17 member body, consisting of 5 members nominated by the Superintendent, 5 members nominated by the President of the Boston Teachers Unions, 5 members elected by the CPC, and two student representatives. The Committee is jointly chaired by the Superintendent and the BTU President. The current CPC members are as follows:

  • Maria Dominguez Gray (Hernandez)
  • Carolyn Lomax (Holmes)
  • Regina McClay (EMK)
  • Nancy Minucci (Eliot K8)
  • Bruce Thatcher (Dearborn)

CPC member on the Extra Learning Time Steering Committee
The CPC has 1 member and 1 alternate member on the 7 member Extra Learning Time (ELT) Steering Task Force. The Task Force consists of 3 members from the BPS, 3 members from the BTU, and a 7th who is a CPC representative. The current CPC member is:

  • Kristin Johnson (Mendell)
  • Maria Esdale Farrell (John D. O’Bryant) – alternate

CPC Representatives to the Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Harneen Chernow (Beethoven/Ohrenberger)
  • Barbara Rosa (Snowden)
  • Gloria West (Young Achievers, BLCA)

CPC Representatives to the Code of Conduct Advisory Committee

  • Portia Charles (Manning)
  • Ellen Church (Conley)
  • Kenneth Hawkes (Henderson)

CPC Title 1 Representative

  • Kenny Jervis (Clap)

CPC Sub-Committees

There are several issue based subcommittees CPC members run. A list with members is as of September 2015 is below. Sub-committee members also include non-CPC representatives. Please contact us at citywideparentcouncil@gmail.com for more information, or you have an idea about other subcommittees:


  • Andre Dorsanvil (West Roxbury Academy)
  • Kristin Johnson (Mendell)
  • Heshan Berents-Weeramuni (Curley)
  • Bob Damon (Philbrick)


  • Kenny Jervis (Clap) – chair
  • Meghan Dornan (Mattahunt)
  • Beth Nolan (BLA)
  • Joel Thompson (BTU School)
  • Carolyn Lomax (Holmes)

School Culture & Climate

  • Debra Brendemueh (Lyndon) – chair
  • Karen Shine (Eliot rep)
  • Carolyn Lomax (Holmes)
  • Shannon Parker (Roosevelt)

School Quality

  • Krista Magnuson (JFK) – chair
  • Karen Shine (Eliot)
  • Shannon Parker (Roosevelt)
  • Joel Thompson (BTU)


  • Margaret Wood (BLS) – chair
  • Nancy Minucci (Perry)
  • Mary Battenfeld (BLA)

CPC Organizational Review

  • Mary Lewis-Pierce (BTU) – chair
  • Heshan Berents-Weeramuni (Curley)
  • Barbara Rosa (Hale and Snowden)
  • Angelina Camacho (Hernandez)

Food and Nutrition

  • Shannon Parker (Roosevelt)
  • Katie Fitch (Curley – not a CPC rep)
  • Steph Shapiro Berkson (Eliot – not a CPC rep)
  • Ann Chinchilla DeGeorge (Curley – not a CPC rep)
  • Ann Malone (Curley – not a CPC rep)
  • Gena Mavuli (Hernandez – not a CPC rep)